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Anniversary Party

You are cordially invited to join us for the Serafina One-Year Anniversary Party as we celebrate the Serafina story, “Lost At Sea” here in Downtown Boston. To reserve a table, click here or call (617) 426-1234 today!

Through adversity comes greatness

Special Guest DJ Sandy Poirier
Serafina Sirens by designer Nicole Romano
Hair by Shag


Friday, April 15
8pm – 2am

Serafina Boston
10 High Street
Boston, MA 02110

Serafina is now a global, boutique restaurant brand.

Lost at Sea

Fabio Granato may seem unusually somber for an Italian who co-owns one of the world’s trendiest restaurant chains endorsed by A-listers. That’s until you can get him to talk about what prompted him to kick-off his business at New York’s restaurant-unfriendly locations. It is suddenly a sonet-lumiere show; his curls shaking, arms waving, a range of sound eects punctuated by laughter.

With the passion and poise of a veteran Broadway performer, he narrates the story of how, one day in 1994, he and a friend, Vittorio Assaf, were stranded in their bathing suits in the middle of the sea for hours after the mast of their catamaran broke in two. They screamed for help, tried connecting with their respective girlfriends via telepathy, and to keep their minds off the disaster, began talking of food. “That’s when,” Granato stretches his arm across the table and grasps our palms warmly, “we shook our hands and decided, if we got out of this alive, we’d start a restaurant business together.”

Granato may have narrated this story a hundred times to hundreds of people, (Serafina Restaurant Group is now in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Brazil), but he still makes a fantastic impression.